Staff Training Specialists 

Staff Training Specialists 

There are numerous skills to learn on the path to become a good manager. Being put in charge of other people at work comes with a great deal of responsibilities and new challenges. East Saxon Training offers bespoke management skills training courses that can cover several important topics, all tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. 

1. Tell us about your business 

We work closely with you to ensure our training is relevant and specific to your needs. The management skills most important to your team are those that we focus on, but nothing needs to be left out; we can cover a wide range of topics in our training sessions. 

2. Bespoke management training 

We can deliver management training in Essex and the surrounding area at your organisation, or at a suitable venue nearby. Our training courses use examples specific to your business and your sector, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of the skills we teach. 

3. Memorable and effective 

Management training is a process; it takes practise and persistence. That is why we strive to make our courses engaging and enjoyable, so that your team find it memorable and worth their while. 

What management skills could you learn on this course? 

What management skills could you learn on this course? 

The challenges faced by you and your team are unique. That is why East Saxon Training offers flexibility with all its courses, so that our training is best configured to your business's needs. A management training course from EST can cover a range of management skills, such as: 

Staff Appraisals 

An important motivator for your staff, or potentially a cause for discontent; learn how to make the most out of your appraisals. 

Managing Difficult Behaviour 

Learn how resolving difficulties improves your team, and about the ways you can meet the needs of all parties. This improves the atmosphere in your workplace. 

Improving Staff Performance 

Find out how to create long lasting performance improvements in your organisation through proper staff motivation. What inspires your staff? What holds them back? 

Time Management 

Developing this skill can directly increase productivity and lower stress, and help you in many other areas of life. We can help you reclaim some hours even in your busiest days. 

Building Effective Teams 

Improve how your staff work together, by learning how to manage teams. Ensuring your organisation runs efficiently facilitates growth for both the individual and the team. 
"David is an excellent trainer with good knowledge. He delivers his courses in a fun, relaxed and participative way which means everyone gets the most they can from it." 
Richard - Trustpilot Review 
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